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Коллекция: Virtus
Артикул: VIR-1002-3050
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The new Spa dedicated to the hospitality field is the perfect space to share a moment of wellness, have fun together and free your mind. Inspired by the Nautilus seashell, the shell seems to be moulded by water and has a spiral shape. The first freestanding Spa with this feature, Virtus™ is equipped with an integrated sand filter – an adjustment that makes the installation easier and more convenient, not needing to arrange external technical compartments. Combined with the Jacuzzi® EcoHeat™ pump the electricity savings are guaranteed and with Jacuzzi® CoolPower™ the water temperature can be set as low as 10°C, perfect for hot climates and for after-training recovery. The Spa is complemented by a thermic cover in marine-grade fabric, customisable upon request.

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