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Aquasoul Offset

Collection: Aquasoul
SKU: AQU-3001-1400 Sx

Aquasoul is a new Jacuzzi® concept that changes the way you use the bathroom. Austere, sophisticated, light design with a well-balanced tradition and modernity to embrace the body and restore clarity of thought. An original technology, with extreme simplicity, allowing you to experience all the sensations and healing effects of water. New options for furnishing and fitting into the interior to accommodate any space and meet any requirement. Silence Listen to the desire for naturalness and peace. Experience the healing effect of a real Jacuzzi® hydromassage in its particularly delicate and caressing form. Immerse yourself in the seething water like a wave of the sea. Breach Allow your breath to merge with the slow, harmonious and gradual rhythm of the currents that embrace your body. Come into unison with the universe, and let the breath of life return you harmony and health. Renew Restore your strength and joy in life with a powerful and invigorating whirlpool. Try a series of dynamic changes in the intensity of the jets, adjusting their effect on the vital centers of the body at your discretion. Dream All the sensations you've always dreamed of, in an amazing combination of tenderness and tone. It is a sequence that changes gradually and cyclically - from gentle touches to healing embraces.