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Collection: J-400
SKU: 9445-32031

Set apart by the striking ProFinish™ cabinetry the J-485™ is a luxury hot tub that delivers a hydromassage to match the stunning look.

Through a combination of 3 distinct therapy seats, a wide variety of adjustable PowerPro jets, low profile foot dome and the wide sheet waterfall the J-485™ delivers a neck to toe hydromassage. Different seat heights allow different levels of immersion in the water each with a unique configuration of PowerPro® jets which are adjustable to control the intensity for a targeted and personal hydromassage leaving you feeling relaxed and reinvigorated.

Luxury features including the full-colour ProTouch™ control panel which allows you to monitor your hot tub’s status and adjust both temperature and jet functions whilst adjustable headrests provide additional added comfort for bathers.

The ProFinish™ cabinetry can be combined with optional corner lighting to create a stunning look suitable for any setting whilst the traditional high-back of the J-400™ collection offers additional privacy and helps engulf you within warmth even when the surrounding temperature is cooler.