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MOMA Design

MOMA Design is a made in Milan brand, well known in bathroom field as symbol of pure design.  MOMA is an exclusive manufacturing reality always at the forefront, funded on a collaboration between innovation, incessant research and traditional Italian Know-how. We deal directly with vendors, proposing a large range of prestigious products.

MOMA Design was born in 2000, thanks to Architect Ignazio Di Masi's artistique vein, to meet the need to make bathroom both unique and tailor-made, while using new products and and new projects, guaranteeing always the same quality standards.

Evoline scene 1
Evoline scene 1.1
Evoline scene 1.2
Evoline scene 1.3
Evoline scene 1.4
Emphasis scene 2
Emphasis scene 2.1
Emphasis scene 2.2
Emphasis scene 2.3
Emphasis scene 2.4
Victoria scene 3
Victoria scene 3.1
Victoria scene 3.2
Victoria scene 3.3
Victoria scene 3.4
Emotion scene 1
Emotion scene 1.1
Emotion scene 1.2
Emotion scene 1.3
Emotion scene 1.4
Elegance scene 2
Elegance scene 2.1
Elegance scene 2.2
Elegance scene 2.3
Elegance scene 2.4
Evermotion scene 3
Evermotion scene 3.1
Evermotion scene 3.2
Evermotion scene 3.3
Evermotion scene 3.4


For designers, we make a unique offer for downloading and using in their projects, more than 150 of our positions
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