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Best Interior Festival 2023
BLACK TOWERS ALMAR is an exhibition stand in the form of a tower leading to a fantastic skyscraper project where the figure of a triangle is hidden.
MosBuild 2023 International Exhibition - Part 2
Art Quarter by AM-Group consisted of seven blocks of different configurations, where sanitary products from our Italian brands: Artceram, Cisal, Stella, Bertocci, MOMA design, Almar.
MosBuild 2023 International Exhibition - Part 1
Under the curtain of the first spring month, the 28th international exhibition MosBuild 2023 took place and the results were suitable impressive for everyone, for us, the guests, and the organizers.
MosBuild 2023 International Exhibition
28 March — 31 March, Crocus Expo IEC, AM Group will perform one more spectacular project “Art Kvartal” created by our team
Конкурс на лучший дизайн-проект открыт на нашем сайте
С 20 сентября по 20 ноября 2022 г. совместно с компанией ДОМ АПЕКС (Хабаровск) АМ Групп на своем сайте проводит конкурс среди дизайнеров и архитекторов.
A unique space at MosBuild 2022 under the theme "Epoch and Style"
At the MosBuild 2022 exhibition, our company invited visitors to walk around the "city square"