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Apartments in the OKO tower in Moscow City (designer Gorshkova T.)
Designer-decorator Tatyana Gorshkova heads the Association of Designers and Decorators of Russia and is known far beyond Russia. The main principle in the work is the ability to feel the mood of the customer and listen to him.
International Sambo and Boxing Center in Luzhniki
The main feature of the Center building is a sloped mirrored ceiling with an optical effect which allows to observe trainings even from the street.
Residential complex COPPER 3.14 (CapitalGroup)
A premium residential complex in the Yakimanka district in the center of old Moscow, which does not contradict, but creates a point of crystallization of architectural changes in the area.
Head office of Fishing Companies
Head office of Fishing Companies in Murmansk
Residential complex ELEVEN (RosStroyInvest)
Design house ELEVEN – THE MAIN THING IS INSIDE – an atmosphere of refined privacy.